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"Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph." – Matt Hardy


"I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it."  -  Author Unknown


"A man’s heart away from nature becomes hard; lack of respect for growing, living things soon leads to a lack of respect for humans too."  – Luther Standing Bear


"Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow."Imogen Cunningham


"Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter."  - Ansel Adams


"When you follow your bliss….doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else."  - Joseph Campbell


"You can outdistance that which is running after you, but not what is running inside you." – Rwandan Proverb


"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." – Ralph Waldo Emerson


"Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."  -  Pablo Picasso


"We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic."  -  Susan Jeffers


"Always leave enough time in your life to do something that makes you happy, satisfied, even joyous.  That has more of an effect on economic well-being than any other single factor."  -  Paul Hawken


"Satisfaction of one's curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life."  -  Linus Pauling


Colors of Maine - Camden to Bar Harbor - October 10-15, 2017

TUITION - $1195 - Limited to 13 participants

If you haven't experienced the coast of Maine, you are missing out!  The sounds, the colors, the smells and especially the tastes are an absolue feast for the senses.  And it makes for some great photography too!! Join Jeff & Ledra on a PHOTO-feast throughout the middle portion of the Maine Coast -- or 'Down East' as the locals might say.

This workshop starts in Camden, commonly referred to as the "Jewel of the Maine Coast," and for good reason due to its amazing harbor views, shopping and dining. We finish up in Bar Harbor. Home to beautiful Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island, and a quaint seaside town - it encompasses everything Maine has to offer from mountains to sea.  You will get an exciting variety on this workshop. From picturesque little towns to working harbors and jagged coasts to serene colorful forests - we will shoot it all!

This workshop begins in Camden at 2pm on Tuesday and will end around noon on Sunday in Bar Harbor.

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Old Car City - FALL - White, GA - Nov 4, 2017 - 1 Day Workshop 

View Video!!

Tuition $80 (does not include admission fee of $25)


Nestled on 36 acres pretty much in the middle of nowhere lies one of North Georgia's former well kept secrets - Old Car City, USA.  However, the word is getting out.  Photographers are coming from all over to visit this former 1931 car dealership. 


This property arguably contains one of the country's largest collections of classic, as well as not-so-classic cars.  Intertwined with the local vegetation and textured by the elements, Old Car City provides a smorgasbord of photographic opportunity.


From portrait photographers to photographic fine art enthusiasts - there is something for everyone to shoot at Old Car City. 

Join us on November 4, 2017 for a fun and unusual day of shooting.  Jeff and Ledra will lead you through this maze of rusty nuts, bolts and the ghosts of cars past.  You will learn to look at photography differently and will be able to focus in on intimate and abstract scenes.  If you are into macro photography, you could spend a week here and not see everything Old Car City has to offer.  


So come out for a fun day of creative seeing and photographing.  This place is definitely different than anything else you've ever shot before!

**This 1-day workshop begins at 9am and ends at 3pm.  


***Consider taking our Gibbs Gardens in the Fall 1-Day workshop Nov 5 (the day after this one) to make it a full photo weekend!!


CANCELLATION POLICY:   There will be no refunds issued after October 21, 2017 (two weeks prior to the event). In the event the workshop is cancelled due to rain, the participants will be refunded.




Gibbs Garden in the Fall - November 5, 2017 - 1 Day Workshop

Tuition $75 (does not include $20 pass to garden ($18 for seniors) or $5 tram fee)
Most people think that gardens are for Spring - but not so at Gibbs Gardens!  Yes, it is great in the Spring, but if you haven't seen it in the Fall, you are missing out!  The hundreds of Japenese Maples in the garden start turning a firey red in late October, but the rest of the hardwoods join them in November with a vibrant explosion of Fall color.  



Join Jeff and Ledra as they guide you through the garden and Manor grounds with great tips for photographing natural features, fall colors, reflections and textures. Your compositions will include the overall landscape as well as intimate compositions and fall color reflections in the many ponds on the property.  This is a 1-Day photo experience that you don't want to miss!!


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Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Townsend, Tennessee - October 22-24, 2017

Tuition - $369  

View Video!


There is a reason the Great Smokies is the most visited United States national park.  From the beautifully smooth sloping ‘smoky’ mountain views to the cool rushing cascades of water tumbling throughout the landscape, this park has something to offer everyone.  From over 100 species of deciduous trees, 1500 types of flowering plants, multitudes of mammals, birds and reptiles and elevations ranging from 875 to 6643 feet in altitude, this park provides an endless bounty for the photographer.


Of all the seasons, Fall is the most magical in the Great Smokies.  Join us as we spend the weekend exploring historic Cades Cove, beautiful mountain vistas and the many winding streams flowing throughout the park.


This workshop starts at 3:00 pm on Sunday and ends 3:00 pm on Tuesday.  

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Berry College Beauty & Rome Ruins - 1-Day Workshop - November 12, 2017

Tuition $99 (this INCLUDES your $30 admission fee to the abandoned property)

Only 3 spaces left!!

Berry College, a private liberal arts institution nestled on 27,000 acres outside of Rome, Georgia is not just an educational institution, but also an education for the senses.  The Berry campus is simply a sight to see.  From the photogenic cut stone complex built by Henry Ford in the 1920’s, to the college’s mountain campus, the old mill waterwheel and more, there is so much to photograph. 


Join Ledra and Jeff as they lead you through Ledra’s alma mater.  A lot has changed in the twenty years since she graduated, but the things that make Berry a breathtakingly beautiful campus are still there for all to see. 


THEN follow Jeff and Ledra to a newly-opened-to-the-public property with the ruins of an old textile mill.  If you want to photograph grit, texture and abandonment, this location is for you. This is probably one of the most amazingly photogenic abandoned structures we've ever visited and is NOT to be missed!


We will spend approximately 3 hours on the Berry Campus and 3 hours at the ruins. This workshop starts at 8:30am on Sunday and ends around 4pm on Sunday. We will meet on the Berry College Campus at 8:30am.  Further instructions will be given closer to the start of the workshop.




Full payment is required to hold your place in the workshop. No refunds will be issued after October 29, 2018. (See our Policies page for our refund and cancellation policy.)


For this Workshop:

  • Accessories - We do not require that you purchase any specific equipment for this workshop. With that said, however, there are a couple of filters that we feel are very important to possess and whose effects cannot be replicated in Photoshop. A circular polarizer is very commonly used in landscape photography, especially when shooting water. We also recommend that you bring a 3-stop (.9) circular solid neutral density filter. There are some effects using a very slow shutter speed that cannot be achieved without using an ND to block light from entering the camera. If you are not familiar with this filter, never fear!  We will teach you when and how to use it during the workshop -- and if you have one, you WILL use it during this workshop. To read more about these filters now, click here or email us with any questions. Also, if you have a very long lens, bring it. If the eagles are on their nest you will need it.  Something 400mm or longer will be required to get eagle shots.  You do not NEED one of these lenses for this workshop as the eagles may not be present and are only about 10% of the shooting we will do that day if they are.

  • Weather – November tends to have cool weather.  Please dress in layers for this workshop to be prepared for whatever the weather throws us.  Make sure to bring rain gear for both you and for your camera gear and comfortable shoes as well.


Death Valley National Park - February 24 - Feb 28, 2018

Tuition $1350 - Limited to ONLY 10 Participants - Only 4 spaces left!


Death Valley is the HOTTEST, the DRIEST and the LOWEST place in the National Park System.  But do not mistake that to mean that is isn't one of the most BEAUTIFUL of the national parks.  In fact, Death Valley is most frequently referred to as The Land of Extremes. But don't let the name fool you. From snow covered peaks in the distance to about 300 feet BELOW sea level, this place is a photographer's paradise.

Death Valley is the largest national park outside of Alaska, but we are going to explore a significant portion of it with our cameras.  Low valley floors, towering peaks, expansive vistas, colorful canyons and rugged salt flats will be part of your photographic experience in Death Valley.  This place offers a beauty so different from most of the national parks that it should undoubtedly find a special place on your bucket list. 

This workshop starts on Saturday afternoon and ends by noon on Thursday. 


***A Note on Non-Shooting Spouses/Signficiant Others -- We here at Natural Connections Photo Workshops are very non-shooting spouse/Significant Other friendly - most all of our workshops welcome these individuals.  With that said, Death Valley National Park requires a permit for us to able to lead a photo group in the park.  The permit limits the group size to 10 participants MAXIMUM. If this workshop fills up, we cannot have spouses or significant others 'directly' along with us while shooting in the park.  If this addendum applies to you and you are interested in attending this workshop, please call us to discuss the specifics....we want to make sure you can both travel with us, so lets discuss your situation!


**Cancellation Policy - Understand that on our longer trips where most people have to make extensive travel plans in order to join us, our cancellation policy is slightly more strict.  On this workshop, the last day for you to cancel for a refund is December 1, 2017.  If you cancel before this date you will receive your payment back minus a $50 transaction fee.  After this date, there will be no refunds unless we can fill your position with someone from the wait list. For this reason WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO PURCHASE TRIP INSURANCE TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR INVESTMENT. 



*Stovepipe Wells Village
51880 Highway 190
Death Valley, CA 92328
Rate: $235 per nite / Cut-off Date:  1-24-2018

Make sure you tell the hotel that you are with Natual Connections Photo Workshops when you register to get your group rate.  NOTE: $235 is the rate as long as we have 8 rooms reserved.  If there are less than 8 rooms reserved the rate will revert to the regular rack rate at that time.  This workshop should fill, so we doubt it will be a problem.


Local Airports

McCarran International Airport (LAS)
5757 Wayne Newton Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89119

We recommend you fly into Las Vegas and then drive to Death Valley which is about 2 hours away. 


For this Workshop:


Weather - The weather in Death Valley is generally dry and sunny, but not always. Although the park has a reputation for really hot weather, you will find that it can be very chilly in the morning and then quite warm in the afternoon.  Be sure to bring warm clothing for sunrise shoots as windy summits can be very cold at this time of day.  

Conditions - We will be in salt and sand - the whole time. Sand can be very damaging to camera gear.  Be sure to bring a plastic bag or something similar so you can set your bag down and it not be in the sand or on the corrosive salt beds.  

Accessories - We do not require that you purchase any specific equipment for this workshop.  With that said, however,we do recommend that you bring a circular polarizer for this workshop.  



Savannah, Georgia Photo Weekend - March 23 - 25, 2018

Tuition - $389    

 View Video! 


With this workshop you get it all - an amazing cross section of Savannah and its surrounding areas.   With shoots of historic Savannah, beaches, night scenes, cemeteries, parks, and lighthouses, this is one workshop that is sure to please. 

Immortalized by the best seller, 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,' Savannah is an 18th century village that lives resolutely in the present.  The city brings together an exotic history, a sub-tropical natural environment and an obvious desire to keep true to its Southern traditions.  Savannah is arguably one of the South's most charming cities with its architectural treasures, luxurious hospitality, low country cuisine and one-of-a-kind lodging.  The city offers a smorgasbord of urban as well as natural landscapes. Flower gardens, public parks and centuries old cemeteries punctuate the landscape of Savannah.  Everywhere you turn, there is something to photograph.

This workshop begins on Friday at 3 pm and ends Sunday at 3 pm.

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Charleston, South Carolina Weekend - April 8 - 10, 2018

Tuition - $389 (Does not include entry fee into Middleton Place)


View Video!


Founded and settled by English colonists in 1670, Charleston grew from a colonial seaport to a wealthy city by the mid-eighteenth century. Through the mid-nineteenth century, Charleston’s economy prospered due to its busy seaport and the cultivation of rice, cotton, and indigo.

Charleston is one of the most popular Southern destinations in the country. The districts of the city contain a wide variety of interesting locations and historical landmarks. While in Charleston you can expect to find a rich combination of hospitality and charm resonant of the "Old South." Whether it is the historic houses, churches, or attractions of the Downtown and Historic Districts, the imagery is guaranteed to be amazing. The allure of this city is unmistakable and the photography will be undeniably remarkable.  

This workshop begins Sunday at 3 pm and ends Tuesday at 3 pm.

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Arches National Park - Moab, Utah - May 12 - May 16, 2018

Tuition - $995  Limited to Only 13 Participants!

View Video!

 **Featuring Olympus Tech Rep Becky Clough.  Becky will join us to assist with any Olympus questions you may have.....OR to show off her mirrorless toys and to loan out some gear for those of you who may be curious about micro four/thirds cameras and gear.  Bring your own gear, but try out ours!


Arches National Park resides in an area of the United States that is home to the largest concentration of natural stone arch formations.  The park actually preserves over 2000 natural sandstone arches ranging in size from 3 to 306 feet wide.  No where else can you see such an array of landforms, striking colors and visible textures.  Millions of years of geologic activity, mineral deposits and erosion have shaped and sculpted this remarkably stunning land.
This workshop takes you  through some of nature’s most ruggedly beautiful landscapes.  Photos you will return home with will depict balanced rocks, spires, rocky fins, pinnacles and other sandstone formations.  And if luck is with us, we will also have the occasion to shoot flowering desert plant life as well. Indeed, there is no shortage of subject matter to photograph in this amazing park.  We will even take a shoot or two in the adjoining and equally stunning Canyonlands National Park. 

The workshop begins on Wednesday at 3:00 pm and ends Sunday at 12:00 noon.


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Spring in Tetons & Yellowstone National Parks - May 19 - 25, 2018

TUITION $1495 --  (Small Boutique Workshop Limited to only 6 participants!)

(Authorized Permittee of the National Park Service)


Come join Natural Connections Photo Workshops on an amazing 6-Day adventure as we explore two of America’s greatest natural treasures: Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks....and do it as one of only SIX participants!

In Grand Teton National Park, feast your eyes on the almost 14,000 foot towering majestic peaks that loom and taunt in the distance. This range will be photographed from all of the iconic places (and maybe a few not-so-iconic places). This park will provide you with some of the most stunning landscape images you could possibly imagine and hopefully wildlife as the opportunity presents. 


Then come with us to visit all the hotspots (pun intended!) in Yellowstone National Park - from rushing canyon waterfalls, valleys full of wildlife, and a plethora of varying thermal features including bubbling mudpots, brilliantly colored hot springs, steaming fumaroles and violently erupting geysers. The sheer quantity of thermal features found in this park is equalled nowhere else on the planet! In the sweeping glacial Lamar Valley and elsewhere in the park we will be on the lookout for grizzlies, bison, bighorn sheep, elk, eagles and elusive gray wolves. 

This workshop will begin at 5pm on Saturday and ends late morning on Friday.


***A Note on Non-Shooting Spouses/Signficiant Others -- We here at Natural Connections Photo Workshops are very non-shooting spouse/Significant Other friendly - most all of our workshops welcome these individuals.  With that said, on this workshop we are limiting this workshop to paying participants.  This is a small group intended to allow a carpool of only 3 vehicles.  A small group works best on this particular workshop due to parking and pulloff issues within the parks. There is also a LOT of driving, and carpooling is almost impossible with a big group.  Of course a non-paying spouse may arrive with you on this trip, but they will not be able to join us during our shooting day unless they have paid the full tuition to secure a place on the workshop.  Please contact us if you have specific questions regarding this policy.


**Cancellation Policy - Understand that on our longer trips where most people have to make extensive travel plans in order to join us, our cancellation policy is slightly more strict.  On this workshop, the last day for you to cancel for a refund is March 14, 2018.  If you cancel before this date you will receive your payment back minus a $50 transaction fee.  After this date, there will be no refunds unless we can fill your position with someone from the wait list. For this reason WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO PURCHASE TRIP INSURANCE TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR INVESTMENT. 


*Cowboy Village Resort - May 22, 23, 24, 25 - checking out May 26, 2018
120 Flat Creek Drive
Jackson, WY 83001
Rate: $166 per nite single or double - Cut-off Date: April 1, 2018

Please call the hotel directly at 1-800-962-4988 to make your reservations and tell them either group #24L46M or Natural Connections Photo Workshops.  Do NOT try to reserve online or you will NOT get the reduced rate.  

*Yellowstone Park Hotel - May 18, 19, 20, 21 - checking out May 22, 2018
201 Grizzly Ave
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
877-600-4308 (website - CLICK HERE)
Rate: $189 Double Queen or Single King per nite / Cut-off Date:  April 15, 2018

Be sure to tell them group code 6B98SZ or Natural Connections Photo Workshops to get the reduced rate.   




There are a couple of ways you can do this. We suggest you fly round trip into AND out of Jackson, WY (JAC). We are starting the trip in West Yellowstone and ending up in Jackson so this will be the least amount of driving.  Past participants have flown in and out of Bozeman, MT and/or Salt Lake City, UT.  So figure out what works best for you, but it you don't fly in and out of Jackson just be sure to leave enough time for travel back and forth for your flights and the workshop start time.  

Car Rental:

Each participant is responsible for their transportation to, from and during the workshop.  Many people choose to go in together on a car rental to save money. We generally require some carpooling during the workshop anyway, so you may want to consider sharing the cost with someone else. 

Several car rental companies exist at each of the above airports. 



For this Workshop:
Weather - This workshop will take you through many shooting environments, so be prepared for whatever the weather may bring.  Dress in layers with comfortable shoes with good tread. Be sure to have rain (or even snow!) gear for you and your camera.

Conditions - This workshop isn't one of our more difficult workshops, physically speaking.  Most shooting will be done near the car or with short hikes to overlooks, etc.  There will be some walking in Yellowstone on paths that include stairs and inclines and declines, but not miles of hiking on this workshop. 

Accessories - We do not require that you purchase any specific equipment for this workshop.  With that said, however, there are a couple of filters that we feel are very important to possess and whose effects cannot be replicated in Photoshop.  A circular polarizer is very commonly used in landscape photography.  We also recommend that you bring a 3-stop (.9) circular neutral density filter.  There are some effects you cannot achieve without having an item such as this to block some light from entering the camera.  If you are not familiar with these filters, there will be a discussion as to its uses and effects during the lecture portion of the workshop.  To read more about these filters click here or email us with any questions.

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